Easter – Resurrection Sunday 2019: (Seven Proofs for the Resurrected Jesus) Selected Scriptures

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Sermon Notes

Monday, April 15th was Tax Day in America but it will also be known as the day Notre Dame was burned by fire. From the ashes of this architectural wonder will rise a new cathedral. Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Cathedral sent all the wrong messages missing the true Gospel of Christ in His life, Burial and Resurrection. In this Easter message on Resurrection Sunday 2019 we will discover seven undeniable, irrefutable proofs for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no greater Good News than this: “He is Risen! He is Risen INDEED!” The Temple, the Tabernacle, the Cathedral of God today is His Bride the Church – Not a Building, but the people of God redeemed by His blood atonement and resurrected POWER. It is the power of God to salvation to all that believe. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!