Fervent Prayers of a Soul Survivor

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever felt as if God either was not listening to your prayers or that He, for whatever reason couldn’t hear them? King David felt this way. Its almost as if he turned up the volume in his Psalms to cause God to pay attention to what was essential and of the utmost importance to David. The outline for Psalm 17:1-15 in this message is: 1.) Hear Me. 2.) See Me. 3.) Test Me. 4.) Show Me. 5.) Keep Me. 6.) Deliver Me and lastly, 7.) Satisfy Me. Prayer can be hard work if we have no intimacy and personal friendship and relationship with Almighty God. When we pray in agreement with God somehow God partners with us and then providentially unleashes the angelic hosts of heaven to do His bidding. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!