NT0685 Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) Part 3 Romans 12:3-9

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NT0684 Part 3 of “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts” (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) – What a tragedy to see someone with a paralyzed body. Many of the parts of the body no longer functioning properly under the direction of the head and brain. Jesus is the Head of His Church and His expectation is that every part of the Body function normally and in complete and total obedience to His directives. In order to accomplish God’s work on earth, through His Body, Christ has given gifts, through His Spirit to every member of the church. It is up to us to know what our gifts are and then to use them for the praise of His glory. When we refuse to comply, the Body is crippled and paralyzed and its effect on the world is negligible. Are you using your gifts in the Body, faithfully, in the Spirit, for God’s glory? Pastor Pete will wrap this section up in this extremely important and timely message for the Body. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!