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A WORD FROM THE PASTOR: (03-24-2020)
Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Partners in the Work of the Gospel Ministry:
As of 03-27-2020 Family Bible Church is closed for business. The Church services on Sunday will be uploaded from our Face Book page and from our new You Tube page we are putting up for the first time this week.
Go to You Tube and in the top bar type: Family Bible Church Kingman – it must have Kingman only, don’t put Arizona. It should come right up. Be sure to subscribe and let all your friends and family know and ask them to subscribe as well. When we get 1000 subscribers we will be able to do some things on You Tube we are not able to do now.
The church doors will be closed until this virus threat is gone for good. This is hopefully a once in a lifetime situation to cause us to take stock of our lives and of what really matters. Staying close to home is a good thing for the spiritual health and growth of your family. Time to step up, step in and step out for God’s Word and for kingdom principles we may have already known and have yet to follow and implement. No excuses now, right? 
We are to give thanks in everything, so here goes…

“Thank You, Lord, for this Corona Virus. Thank You that You are sovereign and know the end from the beginning. Thank You that this may be Your providential warning for all of us to take a time out and to take stock of who we are, of where we are and of what we are doing with our lives. Thank You God for the reminder of how precious the Church: the Body of Christ really is. Thank You for reminding us of how fragile life can be and that You and You alone carry our breath in Your righteous hand. Thank You for what You will bring from this annoyance, this time of frustration and even suffering for many. Thank You that what the enemy has meant for evil You mean for good. Thank You for our beloved President and nation that so desperately needs to turn fully and whole-heartedly back to You as Lord, Savior, Master and High King of Heaven. Help me Lord, help us, Father to not get in the way of what it is You want to sovereignly and providentially create, motivate and sustain with Your righteous Right Hand. We love You Lord and choose to put our full faith and confidence in Christ alone for this moment and for the weeks and months to come until You return. If this is a test, we want to pass it. If this is a divine opportunity we want to choose it, if this is our blessed hope of one last revival we desperately want to be a part of it and not miss one ounce of the glory You will bring Yourself through it. We love You Jesus and offer once again, in this hour and moment our breath, our lives and our future. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

We ask for you to remain faithful to your commitments as best you can. To seek to wring from this experience all you are able in quality time with your family and those God has placed into your lives. We would also admonish every one of us to not judge anyone for what may be a sincere heart felt decision to listen and adhere to the counsel of our President and government or to remain where we are using common sense in our daily decisions. 

When we come back to worship, whenever God ordains it, how wonderful to worship with new eyes and hearts, freshened, enlightened, energized because of this virus. Pastor Pete will be working from home and welcomes your calls if you need to talk, need counsel, need encouragement or prayer. It is our great privilege in this life to be under-shepherd’s to the Chief Shepherd of the sheep.  

When was the last time you heard anyone say to you, “I love you?” WE DO here at FBC! Our lives revolve around each one of you. May the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ be manifest in and through your life, to the praise of His glory.

Pastor Pete

Psalm 16:11

God has been faithful to bring us, as a Church, to such a time as this, to reveal the simplicity and power of the Gospel to our Pastor and church leadership and to the wonderful people who make up the family of God here at Family Bible Church.
Unfortunately, many churches choose to concentrate on the power of their music ministry, their children and youth programs, their ministries to men and women while all the while neglecting the true power: the Power of the Gospel. The mission of the church will be anemic and powerless without a conscientious turning back to the innerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture, the supremacy of Christ and the laser focus of a powerful Holy Spirit driven gospel message.
What a novel idea, to turn the building of His Bride: the Church back to the One who said, “I will build my church!” Clever marketing techniques, fog machines, awesome music bands and power packed youth ministries won’t make a wit of difference without the breath of God and the power of His gospel. A pragmatic gospel will never change hearts and lives.
Family Bible Church is all about unleashing the Power of the Gospel.
It is time for the church to “Bring it Home!” by saying, ‘YES’ to God and the Power of His Gospel, by Proclaiming the Living Christ, by Providing a Living Hope and by Reproducing, by God’s grace, Living, Mature Disciples of Jesus Christ. None of this can be done without the power of the gospel.
If God is drawing you, we extend the invitation to see for yourself what God is doing here in Kingman and specifically at Family Bible Church Kingman.

Pastor-Teacher: Peter A. Ernst